This is incredibly empowering. Simply move. In the world of fitness, you mostly hear about people flogging themselves, going all out, feeling the burn, and such.  It’s seems much less glamorous, productive, worthwhile to “simply move”. But I totally disagree. Here’s why.

Recently during a Whole Body FIT class, two very different participants reported on the progress that they have made through consistently coming to sessions.

One woman (30 years old, lean and athletic), told us that she has gained 5 kg of muscle since starting Whole Body FIT.

The other woman (in her 50s and not as athletic), said that she notices a big difference in the strength and muscularity of her glute (bottom) muscles and that she no longer suffers from back pain. She had chronic back pain for years prior to this.

I get so happy when I hear this from my clients.  Whole Body FIT is a class that I have designed specifically for EVERY WOMAN to come and find her LOVE of movement.  To find JOY in motion. What this translates into, in real life, is that women start to move with more confidence, improve their strength of movement, increase their range of motion in exercises like squats and lunges which directly translate into increased function in daily living.  They feel more coordinated, balanced, stable in their movement. And they have improved comfort and reduced pain such as decreased or eliminated back, hip and/or knee pain. Who wouldn’t find their LOVE of movement and JOY in motion when this can be achieved! Oh, and they improve their health, fitness, and mental wellbeing, all the while supporting their pelvic and core health.  Not bad, I say!

To achieve this, each woman gets to move how she feels best suits her.  Some women like to work with intensity because it suits their bodies and feels great for them.  Like me on most days. Other women prefer to come and simply move, perhaps not using weights for their squats and lunges on any given day, depending on how they’re feeling. Or not necessarily “going hard” during short intervals if they don’t feel that they have the energy or inclination that day.  They ALL listen to their bodies and do what’s right on that day. They ask for modifications when needed, or even a different exercise if a modification just won’t be enough. And they DO challenge themselves.

Giving women the option of working how they need to on any given day doesn’t mean that they get off easy or they’re being weak and not making progress. Quite the opposite.  They come to class consistently, work on their exercises, and don’t fall into the TRAP of the “ALL or NOTHING” mindset. They know that the movement will make them feel good, boost their energy, improve their mood. My only expectation (besides using proper technique) is that they come and move.  

Once a woman has started to move and gain confidence, there’s no stopping her! The knock-on effects include renewed interest in healthier eating and other forms of compassionate, essential self-care.  This isn’t necessarily a quick process, but it is one that impacts health and wellbeing life long. And allows women to move well throughout their lives, maintain motivation, never give up movement as a source of both physical and mental strength

The women of Whole Body FIT form a lovely, supportive small community of caring women of a wide range of ages and physical abilities. They talk about their families, work, passions, projects, problems, and more. We joke, laugh lots, and have fun. No one HAS to share anything, but we listen with respect and without judgment. It makes my heart swell with happiness when I think about this lovely community of beautiful souls.

Whatever you do for exercise and wellbeing, and wherever you are, I hope you have found your love and joy of movement.

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Take care of yourselves, Ladies!  YOU.ARE.WORTH.IT.

x Gillian


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