This is a workshop that EVERY WOMAN needs to attend!

Discover what you need to know to achieve a healthier, stronger pelvic floor and core. Join us for this fun and invaluable workshop, during which you will not only listen, but also practice what you learn to immediately start to protect your body!
Plus, we’ll enjoy some delectable cake & a glass of bubbly!

Hosted by Women’s Health Physiotherapist Jo Wholohan, & Women’s Health Fitness Specialist Gillian Powell, we’ll go well beyond kegels to learn how to protect & strengthen your pelvic floor & core for life, with every move you make.

*Wants to know what she can do to protect or improve her pelvic floor health & function, & core strength & stability (hint: kegels is just the beginning)
*Has ever given birth.
*Is pregnant & wants to learn about her pelvic floor & simple tips for early core recovery BEFORE baby arrives.
*Is heading towards menopause, or has already experienced menopause.
*Wants solutions to decrease or prevent leaking, support pelvic organs to decrease the risk of prolapse, reduce pain during sex, improve pelvic pain.
*Has had gynaecological surgery (including hysterectomy) & wants to reduce the likelihood of requiring a repeat surgery.
*Has low back or hip pain that may be the result of a “weak core”.
*Has diastasis recti (tummy gap).

*Pelvic floor anatomy, & why it is so important for EVERY WOMAN!
*Types of pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence, prolapse, pain, etc).
*How to identify if you are doing a proper pelvic floor contraction & relaxation.
*Going well beyond kegels to allow you to protect & strengthen your pelvic floor & core, now & into the future.
*How chronic back pain can be caused by core “weakness” & instability.
*Steps to help improve your diastasis recti.
*The important roles that changing hormones in pregnancy, post natal & midlife play in your pelvic floor function.
*Other factors that influence the health and function of your pelvic floor & core.
*How to best protect your pelvic floor, core stability, & back, no matter what life phase you currently are in.
*How to easily integrate pelvic floor & core protection & strengthening into all daily movements AND during exercise.

Jo is a Physiotherapist with over 25 years of experience who has undergone extensive training in the specialised area of women’s health. Jo enjoys treating and educating women of all ages. Her areas of expertise include the pregnant pelvis, postnatal recovery, bladder and bowel issues, pelvic pain disorders, pelvic organ prolapse and women’s cancer rehabilitation. She also wants women to understand their pelvic health and realise that many things can be done for problems that are common but not normal.

Gillian, founder of New Leaf Fitness and Wellbeing, is a Women’s Health Fitness Specialist who is passionate about helping women of all stages of life move the way they love while simultaneously protecting their pelvic floor function and improving core stability and strength. She is a highly qualified trainer for pregnancy, post natal, core & pelvic floor restore, exercise in peri-post menopause, and exercise post-hysterectomy, as well as a certified strength and conditioning coach. Gillian creates and leads fitness classes and PT programs for all women who want to move well, with comfort, strength and stability.

We hope you can join us!