Private 1:1

Movement, Fitness & Wellbeing Coaching

Coaching and sessions designed to meet the unique needs of your body, health, fitness & wellbeing challenges & aspirations.

Personal Training

From specialist corrective exercises to mobility work to strength and conditioning and more, your programming is created specifically to suit YOU.  Every aspect is designed as part of a completely unique offering.

Coaching sessions include:
  • Comprehensive Online Initial Screening.
  • Initial Consultation including Live Screening (in Studio or via Zoom)
    • I check your posture and alignment, breathing strategy, and mobility, check for diastasis, and discuss any issues that may need to be addressed or you want to talk about.
    • Then, we go deep into your goals and your motivation to achieve them. 
  • Establishing benchmarks so we can see your progress.
  • Private sessions up to 3 times per week (of 45 or 60 minutes duration).
  • Goal Realignment & Progress Reviews.
  • Regular updates to your exercise program, to keep your body adapting, increasing in ability, fitness and strength, and efficiently progressing towards reaching your goals.
  • Precise coaching in exercise techniques to ensure your movement is working for you, making you stronger and more mobile.
  • Reducing poor movement patterns.
  • Strategies and guidance on reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Sleep hygiene- implementing strategies to help you improve the amount and quality of your sleep.
  • Relaxation techniques to calm your mind and apply to your every day.
  • Massage techniques, muscle releases, mobilizations and stretching routines that allow you to move, feel, and exercise better.
  • Simple dietary guidance and meal planning.
  • Integrated pelvic floor and core training for strong, stable whole body movement.
  • Direct communication with your health care provider where indicated (GP, specialist doctor, physiotherapist, etc, to ensure your health care needs are taken care of in your programming). I am certified in rehabilitation support.