Postnatal Fitness & Wellbeing

Core & Floor: Foundation to Flourish *Currently Offered 1:1 Private*
Whole Body FIT Post Natal *Currently Offered 1:1 Private*

Pram FIT


Mums: It’s your time to flourish!
Take this opportunity to feel rejuvenated, revitalized, & safely regain your strength & fitness after baby.

In order to have the energy to care for your family the way you want to,
feel great doing it, return to activities you love,
and protect your pelvic, abdominal and back health,
you need to take just a little time out of your week to care for your wellbeing.*

*And have fun doing it!

When you sign up for a New Leaf Post Natal Offering:

  • You enter into a community full of caring, support, knowledge and fun.
  • You’ll be guided step-by-step in your recovery from post partum deep core and pelvic floor weakness or dysfunction towards a return to full function, strength, energy and wellbeing.
  • You’ll get fitter, stronger and regain confidence in the movement and ability of your body.
  • You’ll receive simple, nutritious recipes that are quick, easy to prepare, and family-tested.
  • You’ll learn how to modify exercises to make them pelvic floor and diastasis safe for you.
  • You’ll gain essential techniques to avoid creating or worsening a pelvic organ prolapse, to improve your diastasis, and to get rid of your back pain.
  • You’ll be taught exercises and techniques to gain a flatter, stronger, more controlled tummy, for life.
  • You’ll gain relief for achy, painful, tense muscles.
  • You’ll train for things that you do in real life, and in such a way that your pelvic floor and deep core are restored and protected daily.
  • You’ll feel relaxed, recovered, renewed, reinvigorated!

Once you have completed any of the Post Natal Offerings, you are able to continue on and participate in any of my Small Group Classes or 1:1 PT Sessions.

“Gillian is equal parts enthusiastic, knowledgable, and professional – the perfect combination for a trainer! This course gave me knowledge, confidence, and a fun social outlet, all of which were crucial to my mental and physical well-being in my early postnatal months.

Gillians class taught me how to confidently look after my postnatal body!”


Core & Floor: Foundation to Flourish

An 8 week program in which you’ll learn movement techniques, strategies,

& self-care that can change your life!

This offering is for women of any life stage whose core requires care, whether to help restore her core & pelvic floor after childbirth, help heal a small diastasis, or manage leaking, mild to moderate prolapse, and back or hip pain related to a “weak core” or glute muscles.

You’ll be given the essential tools to apply to YOUR LIFE to RENEW your function, fitness and strength, and REVITALIZE your body, mind & life. Feel your best, look your best, function your best! Suitable from 6-8 weeks to any number of years post partum.

This is NOT a quick fix that requires no effort. YOU have to be willing to do the work required in order to IMPROVE YOUR ABILITY. You will decide exactly how much time you can dedicate to this throughout each week, which will in part determine your progress in the 8 weeks.  But your progress can continue for a lifetime, because what you learn are indeed LIFETIME STRATEGIES! 

This prepares you for any of my small group classes.

This course includes
  • Full comprehensive online prescreen and private 60 minute face-to-face screening to check your posture and alignment, breathing strategy, mobility, check for diastasis, grade your diastasis, cover the absolutely essential techniques of 360º breathing and core synergy, and discuss any issues that may need to be addressed. This can be omitted only if you have learned these strategies during your WHP treatment or have already trained with me. 
  • Breathing and Posture Awareness Worksheet.  Progress is not possible unless we first become aware of our current strategies of breathing and alignment.
  • 8x weekly hour-long small group classes


  • 1:1 hour-long private sessions (Offered as 5 sessions fortnightly or 10 sessions weekly for more face-to-face practice, feedback, and additional training and support with extra exercises and time spent on implementing essential elements of self-care.) 
  • Step-by-step homework so that you can maximize your progress!
  • Video support material of Core Connect exercises, Whole Body FIT workouts, Posture, Alignment and Breathing Optimisation, Squat and Lunge Technique, Diastasis Home Check, Core Connection in Your Daily Movements, and more. 
  • Full colour photos of all exercises covered in each Core Connect and Whole Body FIT workout. 
  • Comprehensive support documents to walk you through each module. 
  • Comprehensive information covering essential self care topics including: nutrition and meal planning made easy, stress management, sleep hygiene, controlling core pressure, and more! 
  • Simple and delicious recipes to try each week and add to your go-to meals in a hurry! 
  • Breathing pattern optimisation: Absolutely everything you do depends on the breath! Suboptimal breathing mechanisms and patterns develop due to pregnancy, child birth, pain, illness, stress, trauma, societal pressures and body image, and others. This leads to deep core dysfunction: the core doesn’t work together as it should, showing up as chronic back pain, hernia, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, diastasis (mummy tummy/tummy gap), and more.  LET’S ERASE THIS FROM OUR FUTURE! 
  • Linking pelvic floor and deep core function to the automatic breath, setting up the foundations for proper automatic functioning of the entire core complex 
  • Correct pelvic floor contraction and relaxation. Kegels are just one part in this. There is so much more! 
  • Connecting with your deep abdominals, the transversus abdominis 
  • Re-patterning of your glutes.  This is essential to protect your back and hips as well as allow your deep core to do its job.
  • Posture awareness and working towards getting your body back to neutral alignment.  FULLY FUNCTIONAL LOOKS & FEELS GREAT! 
  • DIASTASIS monitoring and grading of functional tension along the midline, during all stages of the program 
  • Checking for proper abdominal recruitment 
  • Release/retraining of tense and tight abdominal muscle groups that may be operating incorrectly and trying to compensate for a lack of transversus activation.  This may require you to seek help of a massage therapist or other specialist.
  • Regaining proper core sequencing with the diaphragm, pelvic floor, transversus, and spinal stabilizers all working together as a team to protect your spine, pelvic floor, abdominal wall.  WE’RE GOING FOR LEAKING LESS & KEEPING ORGANS IN YOUR BODY! 
  • Developing connection/awareness and ability of recruitment of spine-supporting muscles which increases protection and stability of back muscles and joints of the spine and pelvis for life! BYE BYE BACK PAIN! 
  • Taking advantage of links with other parts of the body to naturally increase activation of the pelvic floor and core (they don’t operate in isolation!) 
  • Addition of  resistance and movement to naturally increase activation of the pelvic floor and core, as well as to safely increase strength of the deep core 
  • Release of tight muscles throughout the body that are inhibiting proper posture, alignment and function, as well as causing you pain and discomfort.  LET’S GET YOU FEELING GREAT! 
  • Learning positions of movement and posture to help you save your pelvic floor, abdominals and back. Some ways of moving through daily life activities are better than others! 
  • INVIGORATE your body and mind.  I’ll give you simple, actionable advice for essential self-care topics including nutrition, stress management and relief, sleep hygiene, life laundry, scar tissue- how it can affect you for years to come and what to do about it, how to apply self-massage techniques, and more… 
  • Ensuring deep core recruitment during functional movements that are relevant to your daily life, no matter the age of your child/ren. You’ll be Squatting! Lunging! Reaching! Twisting! Balancing! Bending! Extending! Pushing! Pulling! MUMS DO THESE EVERY DAY. LET’S HAVE OUR MOVEMENT WORK FOR US, & NOT LEAD TO FUTURE PAIN & DYSFUNCTION! YOU DON’T LEARN THIS AT YOUR REGULAR EXERCISE CLASS OR BOOTCAMP! 
  • Relaxing mindfulness meditation audio. 
  • BONUS!: you’ll be introduced to the benefits of barefoot training and how it can make your deep core recruitment and movements of your entire body even stronger! THIS IS A GAME CHANGER! 


You’ll gain STRENGTH. You’ll gain CONFIDENCE. You’ll gain VITALITY.

Whole Body fit Post Natal

It’s time for whole body strengthening, Mama! 

For mamas from 3 months to decades after delivery, who have either: completed Core & Floor: Foundation to Flourish, or had 1:1 sessions with me to prepare for this class, or had core connection training with a women’s health physio and been cleared for this class, or have no or very mild core or pelvic floor dysfunction including leaking, symptoms of prolapse, unmanaged diastasis.


It’s time to up your movement with whole body, appropriate-level low impact resistance training & cardio intervals. We’ll up the complexity of exercises and challenge to your body gradually, whilst ensuring that your core and pelvic floor function remain intact! Level of difficulty and intensity of exercises increases as you progress to keep you challenged and making strength & fitness gains! 

By adding in interval training at a level that’s appropriate for YOUR body you’ll:

  • Improve your cardio.
  • Boost your metabolism.
  • Increase your strength.
  • Up your self confidence. We’re working on self-love, mamas! And movement certainly helps.
  • Feel energized. Honestly, I hear this (and experience it!) after every exercise session!

This will (at an appropriate time based on your progress and your body’s level of healing, function & recovery) prepare you for:

  • playing games like tip, jumping on a trampoline, skipping, and other physical activities with your children
  • strong, healthy, functional movement in your daily life at home and work
  • a return to high impact pursuits such as running and sports such as netball, soccer, footy, etc.
  • intense activities including other fitness classes, cross-fit, martial arts, bootcamp, strength training, etc.
  • keeping up with the kids as they grow (I’m happy to say I’m still keeping up with my active, fit 17 year olds! This would not be the case without this type of training!)
  • being fully functional in all life has to offer!


This offering includes:

  • Options for 1X or 2X PER WEEK LIVE, VIRTUAL 40 minute small group classes, PAID EVERY 4 WEEKS (you control when to stop payment).  I don’t EVER do pay-as-you-go because I believe in properly supporting, progressing & serving my wonderful clients!  You can start ANYTIME if there is a spot in class- I keep numbers very low so that I can serve you well!
  • 30 minute add-on private virtual initial consult very highly recommended if you haven’t trained with me before-you’ll get more out of your training & be able to progress quicker whilst protecting your core & pelvic floor
  • core connection training and strengthening
  • appropriate interval training
  • functional resistance training to increase your strength and integrate core function in every movement
  • mobility and muscle releases to relieve tense, sore muscles and allow you to feel better & be more comfortable
  • calming relaxation
  • posture and alignment focus
  • proper technique of all exercises taught
  • each session is a different workout, so you never get bored!


Live life to its fullest! Don’t be held back! You’ve got this!

You can be fully confident that you’re doing your best to protect your back, spine, pelvic floor and core during these activities, and for the rest of your life. Not only that, but you’ll be learning how to move better & increase your strength in daily life, and for sport/physical activity performance, from the core out. Who says you can’t be stronger and perform better than your pre-baby self?!?

You’re Worth It!



This class is suitable for women from 6 weeks post natal (8 weeks C-Section) who have been cleared for exercise. A pelvic and core health & function check with a Women’s Health Physio is advised prior to undertaking this class.

If you have any functional issues with your pelvic floor, core, back, or a diastasis, it is recommended that you start with Post Natal 1: Reconnect & Rejuvenate, or Core & Floor: Foundation to Flourish either before doing this class or as an accompaniment to it.

**Special discounts are available for mums attending both. Contact me for details!**

Pram FIT classes are booked by the school term.

You’ll be outdoors in the company of other mums and bubs. Make new connections, move and strengthen your entire body, get tips on appropriate, effective post natal exercise, learn fabulous muscle tension releases to help with your aches and pains and more! And all under the supervision of an expert in the field of post natal and women’s health fitness… who also happens to be a certified strength and conditioning coach for athletes!

Older children welcome, and are your responsibility throughout the class. Class runs rain or shine: there is no bad weather, just bad clothing! Please wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing, a good, well-fitted sports bra, a sun hat, sun screen and active footwear. Ensure you bring along a full water bottle or two and a towel.

“Pram FIT was really great. Gillian was so informative and enthusiastic. The classes helped inspire me to start working more on my core and pelvic floor. The exercises were always really well thought out to target what a Mum really needs.”


“Pram FIT was just what I needed! The structure of the class and the venue worked so well to allow me to exercise with both my baby and my 5 year old in tow. The exercises were gentle on my body, but a good workout at the same time, being specific to what I needed for recovery following birth and the demands of mothering. I’d definitely recommend this class to any mum with a new or not so new baby!”


Who Are These Programs For?

New Leaf Post Natal Courses are for you if you were cleared to do conservative exercise at your post natal check with your doctor, and if you identify with any of the following:
  • you have ever been pregnant
  • you have ever given birth vaginally
  • you have ever given birth by C-Section
  • you have diastasis rectus abdominis/mummy tummy/tummy gap
  • you suffer mild to moderate pelvic floor issues
  • you leak urine, even just a little
  • you have an aching back, upper or lower
  • you have a heavy, dragging feeling in your pelvic floor, or it just doesn’t feel right “down there”
  • you have a diagnosed prolapse grade 1 or 2
  • you have the posture of motherhood, with slumped shoulders and tucked-under bottom
  • you are working with a women’s health physiotherapist who clears you for this course
  • you are aware that pelvic floor and deep core issues are common in post natal women and you want to reduce your chances of developing any of these in years to come (in a high number of women, myself included, pelvic floor issues worsen over time or don’t become an issue until hormones change in peri menopause, which can start as early as 35 years of age.)
While these courses take a sensible and multi-stage approach to deep core and pelvic floor rehabilitation, it is not for everyone. These courses may not be suitable for you if:
  • you have not yet been cleared in your post-natal check
  • you have a pelvic organ protruding to or past your body wall- please see a women’s health physiotherapist! You do not need a referral in Australia.
  • your women’s health physiotherapist doesn’t clear you for this course

How do I sign Up?

  1. To reserve your spot, please click the button, below. 
  2. Once you’ve chosen an option of class or 1:1 private and submitted your payment, your reserved space in the program will be confirmed by email.
  3. You’ll click the link in your confirmation email to complete the online screening questionnaire so that we both know that this program is appropriate for you.  If I need to clarify any details of your screening questionnaire, I’ll contact you prior to the first class. 
  4. If, for any reason uncovered in the screening, it is determined that this program isn’t a good fit for you, I’ll provide you with a full refund, and direct you to a Women’s Health Physiotherapist or other health professional who can provide you with appropriate advice and treatment.

Press the sign up button to see your options and to secure your place!
Your place is reserved only once you have paid and completed the screening process.

What Happens After Booking?

  1. You’ll be added to my register.  Keep an eye out for your confirmation email. 
  2. You’ll be asked to complete a pre-session Posture and Breathing Awareness Worksheet. 
  3. You’ll gain entry to New Leaf Fitness and Wellbeing’s: Fit & Well Mamas/Women Private Facebook Group. There you will have access to a wealth of information on movement, nutrition, pelvic floor and deep core function, recovery and health, and more!  You will also be able to contact or ask questions of me and other women.  It’s our lovely, supportive, caring community. 
  4. You should obtain clearance from your doctor to start a new exercise program. Post natal Mamas MUST be cleared for exercise by their doctor/midwife. 
  5. I very, very highly recommend that EVERY woman should have a pelvic health check, if you have not already. Just because it is not systematically offered through the health system, doesn’t mean that it is not important.  The health system here is very behind the times regarding putting in place proper programs to protect the future anatomical and physiological pelvic floor and core health of women. The overwhelming evidence shows that all women would benefit from such a check, to educate, to ensure problems are caught early, and simple, conservative strategies can be implemented to protect the core and floor for the rest of the woman’s life.  In France, for example, every woman gets 6 treatments with a Woman’s Health Physio. Many GPs, OB/Gyns in Australia either don’t even know that there are WHPs, or don’t understand what they do! 
  6. We’ll arrange a 60 minute private initial session for Core & Floor classes, or 30 minute private initial session for other classes if you have added it on at checkout, so I can check your posture and alignment, breathing strategy, and mobility, check for diastasis, grade a diastasis, cover the absolutely essential techniques of 360º breathing and core synergy, and discuss any issues that may need to be addressed. These are important to cover in private so you can relax & concentrate, & I can give YOU my FULL attention.

Still have questions?

Contact Me! Together we can see if working with me is right for you.