Postnatal Fitness & Wellbeing

*Currently Offered 1:1 Private*


Mums: It’s your time to flourish!
Take this opportunity to feel rejuvenated, revitalized, & safely regain your strength & fitness after baby.

In order to have the energy to care for your family the way you want to,
feel great doing it, return to activities you love,
and protect your pelvic, abdominal and back health,
you need to take just a little time out of your week to care for your wellbeing.

When you sign up for a New Leaf Post Natal Offering:

  • You enter into a community full of caring, support, knowledge and fun.
  • You’ll be guided step-by-step in your recovery from post partum deep core and pelvic floor weakness or dysfunction towards a return to full function, strength, energy and wellbeing.
  • You’ll get fitter, stronger and regain confidence in the movement and ability of your body.
  • You’ll receive┬ásimple, nutritious recipes that are quick, easy to prepare, and family-tested.
  • You’ll learn how to modify exercises to make them pelvic floor and diastasis safe for you.
  • You’ll gain essential techniques to avoid creating or worsening a pelvic organ prolapse, to improve your diastasis, and to get rid of your back pain.
  • You’ll be taught exercises and techniques to gain a flatter, stronger, more controlled tummy, for life.
  • You’ll gain┬árelief for achy, painful, tense muscles.
  • You’ll train for things that you do in real life, and in such a way that your pelvic floor and deep core are restored and protected daily.
  • You’ll feel relaxed, recovered, renewed, reinvigorated!

“Gillian is equal parts enthusiastic, knowledgable, and professional – the perfect combination for a trainer! This course gave me knowledge, confidence, and a fun social outlet, all of which were crucial to my mental and physical well-being in my early postnatal months.

Gillians class taught me how to confidently look after my postnatal body!”