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Core & Floor: Foundation to Flourish

*Currently Offered 1:1 Private*

            A Wholistic, Whole Body Approach to Renew Your Core and Pelvic Floor Function              and Revitalize Your Body, Mind & Life.

Find empowerment with this Specialist Program that will have a massive impact on the rest of your life!

In order to have the energy to care for your family the way you want to,
feel great doing it, return to activities you love,
and protect your pelvic, core and back health for life,
you need to take just a little time out of your week to care for your wellbeing.


Currently 1:1 Private in Studio or via Zoom.

New Leaf Studio    93 Ridge Street  Lawson NSW


Abdominal and pelvic floor function can be inhibited for many reasons, such as:

  • pregnancy and childbirth (vaginal and C-section)
  • pain and injury
  • a sedentary lifestyle/inactivity for periods of time
  • hormonal changes of peri-post menopause
  • ageing
  • anxiety and stress
  • obesity
  • chronic cough or sneeze
  • chronic constipation
  • abdominal or gynaecological surgery
  • high impact sporting pursuits
  • a lack of body awareness

The impaired function of any part of your deep core leads to symptoms such as leaking urine/gas/faeces, pelvic organ prolapse (bladder, bowel or uterus collapse into your vagina), pelvic pain, back, neck and hip pain, among other problems. 

But there is so much hope!

“I’ve done a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and have been doing various forms of sport and workouts for years so I thought I knew what I was doing in terms of fitness. However, Gillian has a wealth of knowledge about correct breathing and core muscle (particularly pelvic floor) exercises that I’ve never heard of. Doing ‘Core and Floor‘ has given me tools to strengthen my core so that I can confidently return to sports after slowing down (seriously, I can’t remember the last time I ran) since having 4 kids.”


Let’s Imagine Two Futures

First, imagine a future in which you have been proactive in caring for your deep core and/or pelvic floor.

Imagine not leaking when you cough, laugh or jump, & being able to move without being afraid that you will develop pelvic organ prolapse or make it worse.

Imagine being able to enjoy sex again, and the positive effect that would have on your relationship with your partner.

Imagine living without back ache, pain and strain, and how wonderful that would be.

Imagine healing your diastasis (tummy gap) and gaining control over your belly so that people no longer ask when you are due, even though it has been months, years or even decades since you gave birth.

Imagine a life in which you are able to make a return to your favourite activities that you have had to give up because of any of the above. What would you do?

Imagine a future in which you can comfortably lift, chase and fully play with your children or grandchildren.

Imagine you in older age, moving well and able to live independently in your own home.

Imagine you, stronger and more confident in your body and movements than you’ve been for a long time, if ever.

Now let’s imagine the alternative: A life in which you DO NOTHING to stop developing or worsening pelvic floor & core problems.

Imagine pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, prolapse or pain progressing until there is no option remaining but surgery.

Imagine doing nothing to stabilise your spine and suffering the debilitating pain of a spinal injury such as a slipped disc, or worsening a current injury.

Imagine never being able to safely or comfortably lift your children or grandchildren, or run, jump and play with them.

Imagine living a life in which you are always afraid to lift or move for fear of leaking urine, wind or faeces, worsening your pelvic organ prolapse, or hurting your back.

Imagine having to move out of your home into care because you lack the ability to control your bladder and bowel functions, or you become a high falls risk.

By training your deep core, you’ll be making positive steps to live the life you want.


Contact me to take the first step.


It’s very empowering to finally have control of my pelvic floor again. I can finally run, laugh, sneeze without having to have a little panic and think ‘will I leak?’.


For the first time in a long time I can “mosh” in the kitchen with my kids to some rock tunes and not just watch from the sidelines.

I love how, by the end of the course, Gillian was able to integrate the core & floor exercises with everyday activities like lifting. 

Thank you!”


Gillian’s classes are wonderful. Very small, friendly groups. Gillian takes the time to understand our individual problems, what we need to work on and what we need to avoid, and manages to provide a happy motivational workout that suits everybody. Thanks Gillian!