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Inject vitality into your life and start to truly flourish,
no matter your age, weight or exercise history.
My signature, top-of-the-line, move-your-whole-self, strengthen-everything- you’ve-got, invigorate-and-inject-LIFE-into-your-one-and-only-body, absolutely-fabulous-and-fun, never-boring class for WOMEN who want to move well, feel fabulous, gain back their confidence, and look great!
This term-based small group class is an exercise-only offering, for women of ANY fitness level. I am a master of modification, allowing a range of abilities to be accommodated in a single class.

Course Info

Next Small Group: Runs for the term.  Starting mid-term possible if space in class. See Class Schedule for times. Please contact me to enrol.

Done Privately: START ANYTIME

New Leaf Studio     63 Booker Road   Hawkesbury Heights


Incuded in this weekly class:
  • OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Private 30 minute face-to-face screening before your first class to check your posture and alignment, breathing strategy, and mobility, check for diastasis, grade your diastasis, cover the absolutely essential techniques of 360º breathing and core synergy, and discuss any issues that may need to be addressed. This SHOULD be omitted only if you have already trained with me.
  • Weekly 45 minute small group class.
  • Strengthening with functional movements that are relevant to your daily life, no matter your age! You’ll be Squatting! Lunging! Reaching! Twisting! Balancing! Bending! Extending! Pushing! Pulling! WE DO THESE EVERY DAY. LET’S HAVE OUR MOVEMENT WORK FOR US, & NOT LEAD TO FUTURE PAIN & DYSFUNCTION!
  • Short, effective cardio intervals at a level that challenges and invigorates you. You’ll feel energized, stronger, fitter, powerful!
  • Your metabolism will be boosted, helping you shift your extra weight (alongside a healthy way of eating and essential self care!), and keep it off.
  • Integrated core strengthening. Forget crunches and sit-ups! Your core is meant to work with the rest of your body, not be isolated! You’ll be amazed at how effective it is, and how it will translate over to real-life strength in your daily life, during all your movements.
  • I also cue your breathing and using the deep core as a unit for strength, stability and life-long function. Over the course of the term, or perhaps longer, you will work on, learn and integrate:
    • Breathing pattern optimisation over the course of the term or longer: Absolutely everything you do IN LIFE depends on the breath! Your diaphragm is the driver of the rest of your core’s function. Suboptimal breathing mechanisms and patterns lead to deep core dysfunction: showing up as chronic back pain, hernia, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, and more. LET’S DO OUR BEST TO ERASE THIS FROM OUR FUTURE!
    • Linking pelvic floor and deep core function to the automatic breath, setting up the foundations for proper automatic functioning of the entire core complex, over the term or longer.
    • Re-patterning of your glutes. AKA GET BACK YOUR BOOTY! That flat mum bum has got to go, and not just for looks! We’re going to rid the world of Lazy Glute Syndrome, one bottom at a time!
    • Posture awareness and working towards getting your body back to neutral alignment. FULLY FUNCTIONAL LOOKS & FEELS GREAT!
    • Developing connection/awareness and ability of recruitment of spine-supporting muscles which increases protection and stability of back muscles and joints of the spine and pelvis for life! BYE BYE BACK PAIN!
    • Release of tight muscles throughout the body that are inhibiting proper posture, alignment and function, as well as causing you pain and discomfort. LET’S GET YOU FEELING GREAT!

“I like the variety of every class and the combination of cardio/strength/core in each class. I love that you tailor the classes to the specific needs of your clients. I come away feeling energised and have noticed a marked improvement in my strength and fitness. Most of all, the classes are LOTS of fun!”


“Gillian, your classes are a fantastic opportunity to increase my fitness in a safe environment where the session is amended to individuals needs and the other participants are awesome to workout with. Not having participated in sessions like these before, it’s been
a wonderful experience so far”


You’ll gain STRENGTH. You’ll gain CONFIDENCE. You’ll gain VITALITY.

Transform your life with functional movement to gain


Who Are These Programs For?

This class may be suitable for you if:
  • You are a woman.
  • You want to increase your whole body fitness, strength, cardio.
  • You have trained with me in one of my other courses, classes or programs and I’ve told you that this is suitable for you.
  • You’d like to do exercise that will boost your metabolism and help you shed your extra body weight.
  • You’d like to exercise in a very private personal studio with bush outlook, in a small group setting of maximum 6 participants.
  • You’d like to take steps to move better, more comfortably, strongly.
  • You’d like to become part of a caring, respectful community of women who really enjoy getting together each week to take care of their health!
  • You’d like to exercise in a way that will help protect the long-term functioning of your pelvic floor, abdominals, back.
  • You have some aches and pains that have held you back from other exercise classes. I suggest seeing a physiotherapist for exercise/rehabilitation recommendations that I can implement for you in the class. I am qualified in rehabilitation support.
  • You have already had or are willing to have an appointment at a women’s health physiotherapist/pelvic health physiotherapist. (Link to register) This is so that you and I know that you are able to properly contract and relax your pelvic floor, your core is able to function properly, and that nothing is impairing its function. You will absolutely make better progress with integrating your core connection training, leading to greater progress with your whole body movement and strengthening, if you have this appointment. It is a worthwhile investment in the health, strength and comfort of your body for the rest of your life! Unfortunately, fewer than 50% of women who have been given verbal instruction on how to contract the pelvic floor, and think they are doing it correctly, are actually doing a proper pelvic floor contraction and relaxation. The consequences of not doing this properly include the inability to maintain or regain deep core function, and development or worsening of incontinence, pain and pelvic organ prolapse, back pain and injury over your lifetime. If you do not feel you can go for a pelvic health check, you will need to sign a waiver.
This course may NOT be suitable for you if:
  • You have a pelvic organ protruding past your body wall- please see a women’s health physiotherapist!
  • You do not need a referral in Australia.
    You suffer deep core dysfunction. I highly recommend starting with my Core & Floor: Foundation to Flourish course if you suffer incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, and even chronic back pain. These are all symptoms of deep core dysfunction. The point of Core & Floor: Foundation to Flourish is to address deep core dysfunction, give you the strategies and techniques to improve symptoms and help your core function well, and get you back to the activities you love so you can do them without leaking, pressure or pain! If you cannot start with Core & Floor: Foundation to Flourish and still would like to take this course, please at least see a Women’s Health Physio. I am happy to refer you to one I work with.
  • Your women’s health physiotherapist doesn’t clear you for this course.
  • You have a health condition that precludes you from participating. If you are unsure, please ask your doctor for advice. This is also covered in online screening.

How do I sign Up?

  1. To reserve your spot, please click the button, below. 
  2. Once you’ve chosen an option of class or 1:1 private for one or more course, and submitted your payment, you’ll complete the online screening questionnaire so that we both know that this program is appropriate for you. 
  3. Your reserved space in the program will be confirmed by email.  If I need to clarify any details of your screening questionnaire, I’ll contact you prior to the first class. 
  4. If, for any reason uncovered in the screening, it is determined that this program isn’t a good fit for you, I’ll provide you with a full refund, and direct you to a Women’s Health Physiotherapist or other health professional who can provide you with appropriate advice and treatment.

What Happens After Booking?

  1. You’ll be added to my register. Keep an eye out for an email from New Leaf Fitness and Wellbeing.
  2. You’ll gain entry to New Leaf Fitness and Wellbeing’s: Fit & Well Mamas/Women Private Facebook Group. There you will have access to a wealth of information on movement, nutrition, pelvic floor and deep core function, recovery and health, and more! You will also be able to contact or ask questions of me and other women. It’s our lovely, supportive, caring community.
  3. As part of the email, I will send you a form to take to your doctor to verify that you are medically cleared to participate in this class which involves resistance training and cardio intervals during which you can control the intensity at which you exercise. This form will need to be returned to me before or at the first class if you have any contraindications to exercise as indicated on the screening form.
  4. I very, very highly recommend that EVERY woman (and this goes doubly for those in higher risk situations such as post natal, ever been obese, sedentary, heavy lifting, chronic cough, etc…) should have a pelvic health check, if you have not already. Just because it is not systematically offered through the health system, doesn’t mean that it is not important. The health system here is very behind the times regarding putting in place proper programs to protect the future anatomical and physiological pelvic floor and core health of women. The overwhelming evidence shows that all women would benefit from such a check, to educate, to ensure problems are caught early, and simple, conservative strategies can be implemented to protect the core and floor for the rest of the woman’s life. In France, for example, every woman gets 6 treatments with a Woman’s Health Physio. Many GPs, OB/Gyns in Australia either don’t even know that there are WHPs, or don’t understand what they do! This is, unfortunately, to the detriment of their patients. If you decide that you absolutely cannot, you will need to sign a waiver releasing me of all responsibility surrounding your pelvic and core health.
  5. If you’ve not previously trained with me, we’ll arrange a 30 minute private initial session so I can check your posture and alignment, breathing strategy, and mobility, check for diastasis, grade your diastasis, cover the absolutely essential techniques of 360º breathing and core synergy, and discuss any issues that may need to be addressed. This can be omitted if you have trained with me previously. These are hands-on and essential to ensure you are getting the most out of a program or class and that you are protecting your body while exercising. This is one-time only at the beginning of your training and is not repeated each term. 

Still have questions?

Check out my FAQs page, informative Blog pages, and relevant program and class pages for more information and to get answers to any questions you may have. If after that you still need more information, Contact Me!

“Love the variety of exercises and different combos each time. It’s fun. You adapt the sessions to each person’s abilities, injuries, strengths and weaknesses. Now I know which exercises are best to keep my body functioning properly, and how to do them safely. No more lower back pain!”


“I really appreciate being able to be honest about my abilities and challenges. In fact, I find that I can do better when Gillian knows how I am going. She is able to adapt the exercise and watch more closely for improvement. I have made a huge amount of progress in just 6 months and look forward to the next year. In the past I have always dreaded exercising, but I find myself looking forward to slipping into the jog bra (and out of the house) now :)”