Breathe. Move. Learn. Flourish.

You’re Worth It

Breathe. Move. Learn. Flourish.

You’re Worth It

Welcome to New Leaf Fitness and Wellbeing where…

You will be empowered with the knowledge and support you need to make positive life-long changes to your fitness and wellbeing.

Investment in yourself will help you restore life’s balance and infuse you with vitality, confidence and self-belief.

Invigorating, effective, appropriate exercise and kinetic, healthful movement are blended with the right mix of support, community, and wholistic self-care education and practice.

I know that achieving your goals requires an individualised approach that takes into consideration more than simply exercising and eating well.

Friendly and encouraging small group classes ensure you receive the attention you deserve so you can move well, feel well, and are never lost in a crowd.

Your health, fitness and wellbeing journey is my priority.
It’s a path you don’t need to walk alone.

Whole Woman. Whole Body. Whole Life. Wholistic Fitness Solutions for…

Moving well, looking great, feeling fantastic!

Core and pelvic floor connection, training and function.

Increased back stability and strength. Decreased back pain.

Pregnancy fitness and maintaining mobility and comfort through to birth.

Postnatal recovery, from weeks to years after the birth of your children.

Making a safe and strong return to exercise, running, sport.

Powering up your perimenopause and beyond.

Athletic performance.

Gillian’s classes are wonderful. Very small, friendly groups. Gillian takes the time to understand our individual problems, what we need to work on and what we need to avoid, and manages to provide a happy motivational workout that suits everybody. Thanks Gillian!

Belinda: Core & Floor: Connect & Flourish, & Whole Body FIT

We just have the best time on Friday hike days and I’m so keen to start Monday nights at Gillian’s place. Thanks Gillian I need you in my life.

Deane: Whole Body FIT, & Hike Club

I joined a beginners class to increase my fitness which has improved beyond what I had hoped. My knees have always held me back, but now I can take the steps two at a time. But even better than that, the big surprise was the increase in wellbeing. I feel it! Thank you Gillian for getting me moving.

Elaine: Whole Body FIT, & Hike Club

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