Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions you may find the answers below. Please check here, and the pages dedicated to each service, as well as the T&Cs page. If you still can’t find the answer you are looking for, then send a message via the contact form.

How do I book onto a class or workshop and purchase sessions?
You can book your classes, courses or sessions via the website. Go to the page of the service you wish to purchase and click the sign up/register button.

Once you have paid you will then be prompted to complete the registration form including the following:
Personal Information
Online Health/Medical/Exercise Readiness Sections
Indemnity and Release, including agreement with T&Cs
Direct debit/standing order form (if signing up for an ongoing subscription)

Do you offer trial classes?
Do you offer pay as you go or one off classes or personal training sessions?
No. To help you best commit to your wellness and successful achievement of goals I only operate on a package or subscription basis. This will help you to commit to attending and better help you achieve your goals.
Further, when you book in for a class, your payment is for your spot and not dependant on your attendance.
I only want to sign up for part of the term for a class. Is this possible?
If you would like to join part way through a term, this is possible for certain classes if there is a spot available. This will not be possible for offerings in which there is a week-by-week progression through material, such as any Core & Floor course.
I don’t want to PT for 12 weeks to begin with. Can I sign up for a shorter time period?
No. Time and commitment is required to make any significant progress towards achieving a goal, whether a change in body composition, change of lifestyle, improved sport/athletic performance, etc. If you are not willing to commit to achieving your goals, no matter what they are, then I will not be able to help you or work with you. Signing up for a shorter period of time and not being committed will be a waste of your time and money.
When does the first payment come out of my bank account?
Direct debit subscription payments will be collected from your bank account every 4 weeks.
Why do your classes, courses and sessions cost more than some other exercise classes?
New Leaf Fitness and Wellbeing offers a service wherein my specialist training allows me to provide wholistic and/or specialist solutions to specific problems and maximise your potential for achieving your fitness and wellbeing goals. The prices of services and products reflects the specialist knowledge, coaching and support that you will receive and the level of training that I have to offer.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes, for most offerings you can opt to pay in full or in smaller instalments. This will be indicated for each offering.
I don't have a bank account, do you accept cash?

Yes, I will accept cash, paid upon booking to reserve your spot in class or private sessions. You will need to use the form to contact me to arrange this. You must pay before we proceed with the rest of the registration process (online screening, etc.).
How do I cancel my membership?
Cancelling your ongoing subscription is simple, there is no contract or cancellation penalty. Just inform us via the contact form or in person and cancel your Direct Debit or standing order with the bank.
I’m going on holidays. Can I put my PT Subscription on hold?
That all depends on how many sessions you are going to miss. It is preferred that missed sessions be made up before and after the holiday. We will discuss together to decide if this is possible for you. If not, then your subscription can be put on hold for up to 4 weeks.
Can I share my membership, sessions or online content with somebody else?
No. Your membership, class spot or session is yours alone. All of the content falls under Copyright Law and you are not allowed to share any content (written or recorded (photos, videos, etc), online access or passwords.
Do you offer any discounts?
No. I provide a premium service and our services are priced to reflect the value of the content and service that they provide. Therefore, I cannot offer a discounted price for my services.
Occasionally special prices may be available at certain times of the year or during product launches. Any such special prices will be advertised online or communicated via my newsletter and Facebook page.

When classes are bundled together, a decreased price is offered. This is not a discount, per se. This price reflects the time I am saved to sign up people for bundled offerings.

I cannot attend some of the face-to-face classes or session dates, can I receive a discount?
No. The classes and sessions are sold as a package and your space is reserved for you whether you attend or not. Please consider your availability when booking your space.
What shall I wear?
The type of clothing you wear will depend on the class. In general you should wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict movement and will allow your skin to breathe.

Wear layers so that you can adjust your clothing depending on your temperature.

Form fitting clothing will better allow your instructor to see your body alignment and correct your technique. However you are welcome to wear loose fitting clothing if this is what you prefer.
Footwear should be comfortable sport shoes. However we do also encourage bare foot training for indoor classes.

Please ensure you wear a well-fitted, comfortable sports bra. Pregnant and post natal women may need to purchase a new sports bra due to body changes. This is important for your breast health.

What shall I bring with me?
Please bring a refillable bottle of water and a small towel. All exercise equipment will be provided.
If I arrive late can I join in part way through the class?

Please do your best to arrive on time and take part in the warm-up to ensure safe preparation for exercise, to allow for a proper flow in the class, and to ensure you receive all information.
How many people are in the class?
Studio classes are limited to a maximum of 6 participants.
Out of studio class participant limits are determined by the venue size.
Class sizes ensure that participants can receive adequate coaching, depending on the class being conducted, and that the instructor is able to interact with everyone.
What is the atmosphere of the class like?

There is a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. I encourage participants to support each other in the attainment of personal goals and I discourage a competitive atmosphere. My ethos is to provide a space and service in which women feel empowered and supported, and have fun together. My aim is to ensure that your class or session is a positive experience and that you leave feeling invigorated, happy and relaxed.
If I have any questions, concerns or topics for discussion how can I contact you?
I welcome your interaction and part of my service is to provide online support to you outside of the class/session. When you purchase a service you will be asked to join a private Facebook group along with other class/course members. You are encouraged to post any general questions into this Facebook group (where they will usually be answered on a daily basis) so that other class/course participants can benefit from your enquiry and the answer provided.
If you prefer to communicate privately then you are welcome to send a message via the contact page on the website.
If there is time before, during, or after a class then you are welcome to arrive early or stay afterwards to ask any questions.
If I have purchased a class, plan or sessions and can no longer continue can I get a partial or full refund?
I do not offer refunds in this case.
If I have completed a specialty program and then want to continue on with personal training do I have to pay for another specialist program?
No, as you will have already received the specialised content, you can then switch over to a regular personal training session subscription.
Why do the specialty programs and classes (Prenatal, Postnatal, Core & Floor) cost more than your regular/general fitness classes or personal training sessions?
When you purchase a specialist program or class, as well as specialty programming, you receive a huge amount of content specific to your life stage that will support your journey towards better health, fitness and wellbeing. This material is highly valuable for your wholistic experience and hence you pay a higher premium for the added benefits and the specialist advice and coaching that you receive. This content has taken hours upon hours of work to compile and create, and the specialist trainings for these areas of expertise are costly and time consuming.
If I arrive late can I still have my full personal training session?
Your personal training session has been booked into a limited time slot. If you arrive late you will sacrifice that part of your session and cannot redeem it.
How much notice do I need to provide to cancel my personal training session?
Sessions need to be cancelled and rescheduled a minimum of 24hrs in advance, any less than this and the session will be forfeit with no make up session offered, unless due to illness or injury and you present medical documentation. If cancelled with greater than 24 hours notice, a make up session needs to be booked and attended within 14 days. The make up session may not take the place of another regularly scheduled session.
I would love to take part in one of your personal training plans but cannot afford the price, is there any way that I can take part for a reduced price?
You can gather a group of like-minded women and book a small-group personal training subscription (for up to 4 people) to cover the physical exercises and techniques. In this manner, the cost will be 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4 plus $15 administration fee per person per session. You will each receive the benefits of personal training, but share the time slot and my attention during that time.
I would love to receive the support material but am happy to exercise on my own at home, is there a way that I can access it?
Coming soon! You can purchase the online fitness and wellbeing program which covers all of the workouts and theoretical support material and does not include any of the face-to-face physical training, other than an initial hands-on screening.
I have a medical condition that may affect my ability to participate in your classes or programme. How do I know whether it is suitable and safe for me and my condition/situation?
When you book onto any service you will be asked to complete an extensive online screening health and readiness-to-exercise questionnaire, plus additional questionnaires depending on the specialty class taken.
Please complete these as honestly and fully as possible providing as much detail as possible so that your situation and suitability can be assessed.
I aim to provide a safe service for women and am deeply committed towards improving your health, fitness and wellbeing. Based on the information that you provide, if it is deemed that a service is not suitable for you then you will be informed, the reason explained and a full refund will be issued.
The advice that I have received from New Leaf Fitness and Wellbeing differs to those of my midwife, GP, physiotherapist, nutritionist or medical practitioner. Whose advice should I follow?
New Leaf Fitness and Wellbeing specialises in providing advice and programming that we have the credentials to offer. I specialise in wholistic fitness and wellbeing and have your best interests in mind. However my advice is not a medical prescription and should not be considered as such. Therefore I always advise that you refer to the advice of your medical specialist first and foremost and consult with him/her if you are unsure of how to proceed.
If you are receiving any particular medical advice then please disclose this during your screening or as soon as possible if it is issued thereafter, so that it can be considered in any programming, whether for a class, course or personal training session.
Further, with your written permission I can directly communicate with your health care provider to ensure we are on the same page regarding your program/exercises, and to ensure that I have up-to-date treatment and health-related information.
What are your qualifications and training?
All details of Gillian’s credentials can be found on the ‘About’ page of the website.
Can I provide feedback about a class or instructor?
Yes. I aim to provide the best service that I can and suggestions and feedback are always welcomed and encouraged. Your feedback will help me to learn and improve. Please feel free to speak to me, post testimonials on the Facebook page or email me via the contact form.
I have really enjoyed my experience of classes, courses, personal training services or workshops and would like to provide a testimonial, how can I do this?
Please complete the questionnaire that you are sent after the course, send across an email via the website contact form or film a short video (1-3 mins long) and send it to me.
If I am unhappy or dissatisfied with a product or service who do I contact?
I aim to offer a high quality service, that is both effective and enjoyable for you. All services require that you commit to applying the advice provided and that you are aware that results will vary from person to person. I provide an evidence-based service.
If you are dissatisfied in any way then I welcome feedback and will endeavour to rectify any issues. Please contact me by completing any questionnaires that you receive after the classes/courses have ended or at any time using the contact form on the website.
Why am I required to sign a waiver if I refuse to get a pelvic health check from a Women's Health Physiotherapist/Pelvic Physiotherapist (if I haven't already had one)?

As part of your training and exercise, you will be incorporating entire deep core training. The pelvic floor is one part of the deep core, so you will be required to perform pelvic floor lifts and relaxation. Research has shown that a whopping 65% of women who believe they are properly performing a pelvic floor contraction, are not. In order to properly progress with your absolutely essential core training, you need to know that you can use your pelvic floor properly. I cannot possibly know if you are or are not. Therefore, the gold standard is for you to have a pelvic floor check at a specialist physiotherapist.

Please see my blog post for more information.

I have questions that are not answered here, what do I do?
First check the appropriate page for the service in which you are interested. More detailed information for each service is provided on those pages.
If you still can’t find the answer you need, you can contact me via the New Leaf Fitness and Wellbeing Facebook page/Messenger. Alternatively, you can email me using the contact form.