Medical Disclaimer

The content and education contained within the entire New Leaf Fitness and Wellbeing website plus live and on-line programmes contains information intended to assist you in improving your education, health and overall well being; however, the information presented here is not a substitute for the professional judgment of a medical professional. I am absolutely a Fitness and Wellbeing professional.

Please use your own discretion when performing any of the exercises for yourself and work at an appropriate level after a full Initial Consultation and hands on assessment. On all of my pages for my offerings I clearly state that you should obtain medical clearance to participate in any of my classes, courses or programs. This is especially relevant if you have any medical or physical contraindications to exercise that you already know about or are uncovered during the online or face-to-face screening. This includes but is by no means limited to chronic diseases such as any form of cardiovascular disease, any form of pelvic or deep core dysfunction such as pelvic pain, prolapse or incontinence, clearance to exercise after given birth (and I highly recommend all post natal women obtain clearance from a women’s health physiotherapist as well), higher risk pregnancy or where relative contraindications are present, and so on.

The reader and viewer of the information presented by this site assumes all risks when using the information provided herein. This site’s operators, authors, owners, and affiliates disclaim any and all liability from the information provided herein.

Any medical, financial, legal, health, psychological or other information provided on this site is not intended as a replacement for professional consultations with qualified practitioners. If this site provides health-related or medical information, no such information provided by this site is intended to treat or cure any disease or to offer any specific diagnosis to any individual as I do not give medical advice, nor do we provide medical or diagnostic services.

I strongly recommend that you consult with your professional medical team before commencing an exercise programme if you are Pregnant or Post Birth and it goes without saying that you MUST ensure that you have been ‘cleared’ to exercise post birth. If you are deemed as having a high risk Pregnancy or in recovery from any chronic or recent medical procedure or trauma, seeking permission from your caregiver should also be given great consideration.

I sincerely thank you for your attention and cooperation in this matter so that you take care of your one-and-only body in the best way possible.